(Subfamily Myrmicinae)


The genus was first described by Forel (1890) as Trigonogaster, but the name was preoccupied by a pteromalid chalcid, so the new name Recurvidris is proposed by Bolton (1992). It was classified into the tribe Crematogastrini by Bolton (2003).


Recurvidris sp. eg-x, worker, body in lateral view.

Recurvidris sp. eg-x, worker, head in full-face view.


Three species have been known from Vietnam.

glabriceps Zhou [= sp. eg-1] Tam Dao NP (Vinh Phuc); Van Ban (Lao Cai)
sp eg-2 Ba Be NP (Bac Can); My Yen (Thai Nguyen); Pu Mat NP (Nghe An); Van Ban (Lao Cai)
sp. eg-3 Van Ban (Lao Cai)


Vietnamese Recurvidris spp. inhabit forest edge and woody habitats, but rarely grasslands. They nest in the soil and built a chimney-formed mound on the nest entrance with soil particles.

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