(Subfamily Myrmicinae)


The genus Pyramica was established by Roger (1862). It was once synonymized with Strumigenys by Roger (1863), but it was revived and revised by Bolton (1999, 2000), and is assigned to the tribe Dacetini. Bolton’s concept of the genus is followed by us (but see also Baroni Urbani & De Andrade 2007).


Pyramica sp. eg-x, worker, body in lateral view.

Pyramica sp. eg-x, worker, head in full-face view.


Eight species have been known from Vietnam.

canina (Brown et Boisvert)
[= sp. eg-2]
Tay Yen Tu NP (Bac Giang)
dohertyi (Emery) [= sp. eg-1] Ba Vi NP (Ha Noi); Sa Pa (Lao Cai); Tam Dao NP (Vinh Phuc); Tay Yen Tu NP (Bac Giang); Van Ban (Lao Cai)
kichijo (Terayama, Lin et Wu)
[= sp. eg-5]
Cuc Phuong (Ninh Binh)
japonica (Ito) [= sp. eg-6] Sa Pa (Lao Cai)
mitis Brown [= sp. eg-3] Ba Vi NP (Ha Noi); Cuc Phuong (Ninh Binh); Nam Cat Tien NP (Dong Nai)
nepalensis (De Andrade)
[= sp. eg-4]
Ba Be NP (Bac Can)
sp. eg-7 My Yen (Thai Nguyen); Van Ban (Lao Cai)
sp. eg-8 Nam Cat Tien NP (Dong Nai)


The majority of species are litter dwellers in well-developed forest. Nests are often found in and under rotting twigs and wood fragments on the forest floor. Because we have not yet employed winkler bags, equipment extracting small soil animals from litter, our collection of Pyramica species may be poor.

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