(Subfamily Dorylinae)


Dorylus is the single genus-rank taxon of the subfamily Dorylinae. The worker of Vietnamese species has a combination of the following morphological features (see Bolton 1993; Bolton 2003).


Dorylus, worker, body in lateral view.

Dorylus, worker, head in full-face view.


Dorylus occurs in the southern part of the Palaearctic, Oriental and Afrotropical regions, but strongly represented in the Afrotropical region. Two species have so far been collected from Vietnam.

laevigatus (F. Smith) Cuc Phuong NP (Ninh Binh)
orientalis Westwood Hoang Lien Son NR (Lao Cai), Sa Pa (Lao Cai), Tam Dao (Vinh Phuc)


Dorylus species have a constellation of behavioral and morphological features of "true amy ant", including two foremost attributes: group predation and nomadism (see Gotwald, 1995). Legionary behavior of Dorylus is found under stones and logs on the ground. One of the main prey items may be termites nesting in logs or under the ground.

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