(Subfamily Myrmicinae)


The genus Anillomyrma was established by Emery (1913), and classified into the Solenopsis genus group of the tribe Solenopsidini by Bolton (2003). The worker of Vietnamese species has the following features (see Eguchi et al. 2010).


Anillomyrma decamera Emery, worker, body in lateral view.

Anillomyrma decamera Emery, worker, head in full-face view.


One species has so far been found from Vietnam.

decamera Emery Binh Chau-Phuoc Buu (Ba Ria-Vung Tau), Van Phu.


K. Eguchi and V. T. Bui collected workers of Anillomyrma decamera in a well-developed dry forest in the southern coastal part of Vietnam, by underground bait-trapping; baits (pork sausage) were buried in sandy soil (for details see Eguchi & Bui 2009).

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