(Subfamily Myrmicinae)


The genus Acanthomyrmex was established by Emery (1893), and placed in the tribe Myrmecinini togeter with Myrmecina, Perissomyrmex and Pristomyrmex (Bolton 2003).


Acanthomyrmex humilis, major, body in lateral view.

Acanthomyrmex humilis, major, head in full-face view.

Acanthomyrmex humilis, minor, body in lateral view.

Acanthomyrmex humilis, minor, head in full-face view.


Two species have so far been known from Vietnam.

glabfemoralis Zhou et Zheng Chua Yen Tu (Quang Ninh), Cuc Phuong NP (Ninh Binh), Ky Thuong NR (Quang Ninh), Tay Yen Tu NP (Bac Giang), Van Ban (Lao Cai).
humilis Eguchi, Bui et Yamane S. Cat Tien NP (Dong Nai)


Two Vietnamese species of Acanthomyrmex nest in cavities inside dead twigs and wood fragments, and under or between stones (Eguchi et al. 2004; Eguchi & Bui unpubl. observ.). We often encounter patches in which colonies are aggregated (Eguchi & Bui unpubl. observ.). Because reproduction by ergatoids is dominant in other Acanthomyrmex species (Terayama et al. 1998), such aggregation of colonies may be caused by their low dispersal ability of daughter colonies. They are worker-dimorphic: the major worker may play the role of seed-miller (Eguchi & Bui unpubl. observ.; see also Moffett 1985).

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