Nui Chua National Park is under an extremely dry and hot climate, and covered largely by dwarf and spinous trees.
Vietnam: Ninh Thuan.


Income from rattan is often vital in remote areas of Vietnam.
Vietnam: Lao Cai.


This may be the final shot in which Dr. Viet enjoys smoking. After this expedition he quited smoking.
Vietnam: Ninh Thuan.


Dr. Viet (from Vietnam) and Dr. Aibek (from Mongolia) visited Nagasaki on 3–4 Dec. 2007. This photo was taken in the magistrate's room in the re-constructed magistrate's office of Nagasaki Zone during the Edo Period ("Nagasaki Bugyo-syo"). By the way, I recently knew that a good relationship has been present between Vietnam and Nagasaki for a long time. Mr. Sotaro made his vast fortune by officially-licensed trading with the Philippines, Vietnam, Thailand, Cambodia, etc. in the late 16th century ("Goshuin-sen" Trade). In 1619 when he visited Hue he met and got married with Wakaku, a princess of the maternal bloodline of the Vietnamese empire (the emperor'sfoster daughter). The princess Wakaku was called Ani-o-san and was loved and respected by the Nagasaki citizens. A performance imitating their wedding ceremony can be seen today in Nagasaki Okunchi Festival (early October). Sotaro Araki and Ani-o san sleep together in Araki's family temple, Daion-ji, in Nagasaki. Japan: Nagasaki.

ベトナムからヴィェトさん,モンゴルからアイベックさんが長崎を訪れた(2007年12月3日,4日).この写真は復元された長崎奉行所の奉行書斎で撮影した.ところで,長崎とヴェトナムとの間には長い国際交流の歴史があるそうだ. 荒木宗太郎は16世紀後半に朱印船貿易により財をなした人物である.1619年にフエを訪れた際,ベトナム王家の外戚の皇女ワカク(皇帝の養女)を娶った.皇女ワカクは長崎の町人からアニオーさんと呼ばれ敬愛されたという.彼女の輿入れの様子は長崎郷土の大祭「おくんち」(十月初め)の演目として今に伝わっている.夫妻は荒木家の菩提寺である大音寺に一緒に眠っている.日本:長崎市.